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multi-dialog as background noise
  1. Raquel Grey
  2. Femme Fatale - Going from Raquel to Elle
    • They won't tear us apart
      1. Trying to forget her broken heart by seek vengeance on her ex's new g.f.'s little brother
      2. Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Raquel is: Innocent.
      3. Spanish Baby Names Meaning: In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Raquel is: Lamb.
    • in a gadda da vida, baby
      1. The cult that deciphers obscure music lyrics becomes a new hobby and a method of communication between the afterlife
        1. If I can't have the man of my dreams, then the woman who stole him from me must pay with a sibling
          • And we run - by Within Temptation
          • She seduces him
          • Uninvited - Cover by The Freemasons
          • She teases him
          • A little respect - by Erasure
          • She dumps him
  3. Bad boy meets Femme Fatale
    • Possible insertion of 'highschool' scenes for semblance
      1. Barely enough info (from H.S.) to keep story moving fwd
        1. Stupid lovers' quarrel about 'love at first sight'
      2. Unrequited love as a result of pedagogism between star crossed lovers' age difference
    • Peer pressure involves seniors and juniors and cheerleading squads and football teams and hazing
  4. Menstrual cramps of the stoic
    • To watch the stoic squirm
    • orgasms
    • Elle meets Vampira, mistress of the dark
      1. The Nazi Youth Hunter proposal
    • confrontation as conflict
      1. I'm sorry but I don't love that way
        1. Come on Eileen
        2. The song Attitude by Sepultura has a segment that sounds like buzzing flies
  5. The scheme against a two-timer
    • One week of suffering in the real world is so you can see
    • What were you thinking what a wonderful world? You're full of shit
  6. Falling back on original objective of finding a sucker to relieve cramps
    • Crazy women mess your head
    • Downbeat banjo like breaking up is gonna make bad boy stop loving Femme Fatale
      1. Jeff Hanneman in 2013
      2. Rosenbaum authorizes vampira to identify Nazi Youth Hunter's next victim
  7. The stoicism is contagion
    • MC loses sight of that which means everything to him: The chymical wedding
      1. And you think love is to pray, but I'm sorry I don't pray that way
      2. Don't touch me please I cannot stand the way you tease
        1. Set up for bugs in: "you came into my life so tenderly with a burning love that stings like a bee"
          • Morph into the flies and the butterflies coming of age ideology
          • Toucan Bird beak clapping
          • Spaceship landing
          • Chirping birds
          • Beetle noises as clicks
          • That feeling in 1990, the billboard of the pregnant woman
  8. Now the abuse begins
    • You bleed for my salvation
    • The body already completely disfigured
    • Barbed wire in the urethra tract
    • Bites, kicks, hard blows
    • I'm not sorry
    • Hear how it screams
  9. Affliction of seeing butterflies dancing in the wind like a kamikaze
    • The story goes... in MC POV
      1. He knew that she was still so close
      2. Wouldn't it be nice, hold on
      3. To spread the wings and fly
      4. Don't kill the butterfly
    • To see him one more time, hold on
      1. To be a yellow butterfly, don't kill the butterfly
        1. You're gone from mean street
        2. Each time our eyes meet, I want to touch you
        3. Sudden reaction such strange reaction
        4. If you don't take me, life might never take me back this way again

Mobile spreading
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