snippet - 3 page concept development for character #2

Linking my updates

to these narrative snippets is the way I plan to cross reference my blog so I can find stuff faster.  Eventually I plan to go back and re-read all hardcopy scans that I've uploaded because using #yandex to search out keywords within my blog updates is impossible.  Of course, it goes without saying that sequences I write will be private/customized-for-groups and thus broken #url addresses will not function if my readers don't have access to the group.  

Planning to start #tmtwngm group for all future scenes.  

The following 3 pages contain ideas for a #sequence from the perspective of #Elle for #bstory development.

Having neglected backstory for Elle (and #Fly ), I shall focus all ideas thru her POV.

Elle's version of the same events that encompass MC should only differ as a result of her line of thinking; menstrual cramps without painkillers. #ichtudirweh-by Rammstein

The third and final treatment will include another version of the same events from the perspective of the #Fly and/or #Butterfly, which is my own personal interpretation of the #birdsandthebees. #Yellowbutterfly-by the Scorpions contains the brainchild of #baby from #dirtydancing as Elle's backstory, painting her as a coming of age, plain looking girl who becomes a #femmefatale when she undergoes surgery for #breastimplants and is later recruited as an assassin to earn enough to pay off her medical bills.

I've also managed to tweak the playlist I'm listening to 24/7 with a #Rammstein's #ichtudirweh, eliminating the nausea I was experiencing from listening to the original playlist.

The #playlist is my #outline (in a nutshell. Before I focus on building a #properoutline.)

Law enforcement officers wear #hotpinkuniforms in this movie.

#stagenames for entertainers/performers, as well a #fakedob and years taken off their actual age becomes rudimentary in #rsdevelopment reporting practices. #Taintedlovewheredidourlovego-by Soft Cell

Replacing #jennifergrey as subject of underage actress from N.Y. by changing her name doesn't mean #newsclippings from her actual #autoaccident in Europe which resulted in a mortality must be disgarded as well. — #NewNewYork-by the Cranberries

Distortion in the news can be redirected as the wrongful death of #MC suffering from undiagnosed #dissociativeamnesia.

With the advent of computers and search engines, MC discovers his lineage comes from Germany and further digging exposes his link to #naziwarcriminals #attitude-by Sepultura

Elle's name is short for #raquel

Ferris Beuller's Day off release date: 1986; Dirty Dancing release date: 1987

#unrequited love as result of pedagogism between bad boy and femme fatale. #inagaddadavida-cover performed by SLAYER

Stupid lover's quarrel about #loveatfirstsite and who saw whom first. #Uninvited-by the Freemasons

#vampyres as #naziyouthhunters#countrygirl-by Primal Scream

Classic Romeo & Juliet scenario wherein Romeo kills himself because he thinks Juliet has died — Elle reaches #rigormortis from her anger at MC who, as a result of dissociative amnesia cheats on her, then doesn't get over her (for the rest of his life) #Desire-by Joan Jett


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