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Remakes, sequels...

There are remakes of movies and there are sequels of movies. People have their own personal prefs as to what it is they`ll donate their hard earned cash to veg out in front of, but it seems like now—my lips feel and taste very bitter–sour—there are country DVDs. What in the world is a country DVD? Well, not all DVD players are the same and if you go from country to country, you can forget about your precious DVD collection because they literally function like currency in that they need to be exchanged for the country you plan on playing them. Country DVD`s is the term I`m using to describe the DVD machines that play digital media discs. If you thought you`d make new friends in a foreign country when you offered to share your DVD collection, forget it, because they just won`t play on your friends` machines.

I actually prefer to watch a good remake of a film. I prefer indy films with favorite directors/actors and stuff. I say and stuff because I don`t know one director from another until I`ve seen an actress in a film whom I`ve grown attached to and can`t figure out why I didn`t see it before (in other films she was in). Do you think good movies should follow up with a sequel, or do you think good movies should just run their course and become forgotten until somebody, generations later, decides to remake it with a different cast?

In any case, I read this term, from the above link, given in one person`s opinion on the network censors, "granskad av censurnämnden"

Is this latin? Do I need to pull out my latin dictionary? Can any language experts out there decipher this mysterious slogan? I kinda like it and would be interested in seeing it develop further into, preferably, a trend setting motive challenging corporate monopolization of couch potatoes` trance of venue.

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