fellow readers.  Don't despair.  I know it's hard./  especially hitting the fucking "n" key in what the fuck whatever.  Just shut up for a minute. sorry.  Now sbut up mofo.

badang.  word in edgewise.  rememeber when 'they' said they was going to do something about about porn?  Well they did it.  it's how I know if Imh getting my moneys worth when I pay cor Internet access.  It is sad.  I know. Hacking governs all the shiite about apps, srreaming, etc.  what's it called? nobody camres.  I just got a prescription to anti-infoamat0ry and everything's going to be alright.

I don't want to back on the Hawaiians, but it's fuck difficult.  Marijuana bullshint is insane on the islands; so unless you're prepared ahead of time to get their 390 whatever the fuck government document that needs to be filed two days prior to the state of Hawaii for recognition.  Please fuck off.  I'm not in the mood.

But lift your spirits/  somehow.  Know that hacking is stronger than 


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