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The streets seem endless. Sidewalks are non-existant in this part of the neighborhood, and as ELLE looks to and fro checking for oncoming cars, she has a conversation with herself.


What is this song about?

Switch POV angle for her continued response.


Songmeaning dot com says it can be about AIDS and another contributor, at songmeanings, says it's about reaching number one in your music career and being diagnosed with bipolar disease at the age of 21.

Change POV angle for next dialog


Following the lyrics is impossible. The results google returns are flawed.




The stanza... the order of the stanzas are not in the proper order. And lines of repeated words are omitted entirely. For instance, ‘Take what you want’ is shown as a single sentence, but Adam repeats the words: ‘what you want’ several times before continuing to the next line of lyrics. And ‘In the night when things go bump" completely leaves out ‘think of gumps that go bump.’


In the night when things go bump/Think of me think (of gumps that go thump)/Here comes the grump.
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