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I've spent all the time I'm gonna on the previous day's footage. Unfortunately, it looks like I've corrupted my video files for the day I 'Looking glassed' my question about werewolves to Jeff (and HW). I might still try again if those video files are saved on the other SD memory chip. I had to replace the Sony with a fresh memory card and I might still have an opportunity to export a proper MP4 version of video I posted yesterday. We'll see.

The battery on the HDR-AZ1 isn't lasting the duration of the entire 4 hours of the show. I have to keep checking on it for when it shuts off, quickly exchange the battery and start it back up again. I already bought two new batteries, but not even those will last 4 hours. Perhaps if I lessen the time lapse exposures? but I really like the fact that 4 hours of filming gives me about a minute of footage.
Slowly convincing myself that the Sony Action Cam is probably not gonna be good for my motorcycle helmet anymore if it doesn't hold a proper charge. I'll probably start looking into converting the thing into a webcam and have it hooked up to a power cord when filming indoors.
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