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Notes on Hot Pink Uniform Reform ((HPUR) and a scapegoat

Sandra Figueroa Villa - PredPol commissioner
"The ethics commision never came back to me; they never questioned my forms" -SFV

Gang Reduction Youth Development Project (GRYD)

"… to help resident-led community development corps transform distressed communities and neighborhoods into healthy ones — good places to live, do business, work and raise families."

-Alex Comisar (statement)

she has served on county oversight panel while the nonprofit receives county dollars to provide mental health services. She said she never listed that in County disclosures and vowed to correct the filings.

SHE "… will take responsibility"
SHE "urged Garcetti to accept responsibility.

"Our office frequently works with many non-rofits…" -Comisar

LAPD Inspector General Mark Smith found problems with a component used to pinpoint location of property crimes.

SFV did not attend Mark Smith meeting on PredPol affectiveness against crime.

LA Municipal Code (which covers governmental ethics) requires public officials to notify the public about such conflicts

Request inclusion to screenwriters group for vid.
Above notes are from Aug 30, 2019 "Police Panelist Failed to Disclose City ties" by Mark Puente
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