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Quick translation for Radio, a new song by Rammstein

We weren't allowed to belong

My biggest regret in life.

Couldn't see, talk, or hear anything

But every night for one or two hours

Angry beyond reason, my life is hi-jacked by an unknown force.  I lose my sight of all that matters to me, my voice mute to those whom matter to me most.

I disappeared from this world

Invisible, time prescribes the anecdote for the tears

Every night a little bit happy

Regaining some vision, I catch the pine needle dropped for me from the tree next to me.

My ear so close to the receiver

The anger dissipates and is focused on things incomparable with my grief, which soothes me but banned by forces which the minority cannot change

We weren't allowed to belong

Couldn't see, talk or disturb anything

Every song was forbidden


Such dangerous foreign notes

Feeling tmtwngm could become a blockbuster that might change my life

But every night was a little bit happy

My ear so close to the receiver

Weltempfänger: (lit: "world receiver") refers to a shortwave radio receiver that can receive international broadcasts, as compared to a regular radio that only received local stations.

Wir durften nicht
Nichts sehen, reden oder hören
Das jede Nacht fur ein, zwei
Bin ich dieser Welt
Jude Nacht ein bisschen froh
Mein Ohr ganz noch am Weltempfören
Nichts sehen, reden oder stören
Jedes Liedgut war verboden
So gefährlich Freunde Noten
Das jede Nacht ein wenig froh
Mein Ohr ganz noch am

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