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I really need to expand on some of the notes I've taken before I forget. The first one that sticks out is Where I've underlined half the name, because, apparently, this person meant a lot to Heather. She was murdered. The file name of the MP3 is at the top. It's the default the Witness+ creates, and it's too slow to change them manually (unless, of course, the need arises.)
I realize much of my blabbing isn't going to make much sense to my readers; so let me create some interest. I discovered a paranormal radio show one day. I think I blogged about it. I'll track it down and update this entry with links. The radio show fascinates me because it is an outlet for me to get into the head of one of the characters I currently write about in #tmtwngm and, if you remember, I also discovered a Vine from another person directly related to the plot (Nazi-youth hunters). When I hear a name on HW Radio in her KON (Kingdom of Nye) show, it resonates in my head. An example is Ella. If you've read #tmtwngm or #highschool or #typewriter entries, you'd know that ELLE is one of the characters in my movie. Same with Bear/Bier. These are all characters that Heather Wade is personally attached with in real life. All I am doing is taking a ride

On Friday night, first thing that came to mind was that Cop's sister when I began to decipher my personal notes about somebody being brought to a hospital with major health issues.

There is mention of a lizard eating cat. Wouldn't that make for a fun roommate. I can see myself attempting to show her love and affection thru feeding and emptying her litter box, then conveying my own affection for Mildred (the iguana) so that the lizard eating cat could make the connection that eating Mildred would hurt ME. If you ever visit Kingdom of Nye's website, I might start posting selfies of Mildred and myself. I mean, sometimes I take selfies with her, but they just sit on my phone because Instagram bores me, facebook bores me; but seeing that I've been glued and wide-eyed Tuesday thru Friday between 9:00PM PDT to 1:00AM PDT, it makes sense.

The question Heather makes after I return from my shower fascinates me personally because my movie is all about [Nazi-Youth Hunters]. The premise of which is: what if you discover that you were descended from escaped war criminals from Nazi Germany?

Owen/Otto (almost, but no cigar)
I'm going to ask Heather how I can go about finding a previous call-in I made.

These notes are from the Paranormal Radio broadcast "Kingdom of Nye" on Heather Wade Radio which aired 8/16/19 Fri.
These notes are from the Paranormal Radio broadcast "Kingdom of Nye" on Heather Wade Radio which aired 8/16/19 Fri.

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