Here's the results of the no limit on drinks

On Kingdom of Nye, Heather imposes a no drink limit for her open calls program
On Kingdom of Nye, Heather imposes a no drink limit for her open calls program

I've been using the surround sound in the entertainment room for streaming Heather Wade Radio.  Just before her show starts, at 9PM, I'll spin some of the vinyls in my collection.  I like to record Kingdom of Nye on a cheap little digital recorder I've been referring to as a Sony in my notes.  Really, it's a cc Witness+

I start recording at least quarter to nine and that usually means that 2-4 songs from the EP I own will get dubbed.  Am I breaking any music laws?  Should I be inquiring how to go about obtaining a music license for 'the Cave'?

At first, I was okay with HW setting a 2-drink limit.  Maybe she should've just suggested 2-drinks as the minimum.  But I was drinking out of a coffee cup and mixing myself rum and coke.  I only had three and that is my personal limit before things start getting out of hand.  I was calling all night on north American Skype.  Thank goodness Heather didn't take my call.  Well, she did actually, but I wasn't given any air time before getting dumped.

Honestly, I had embedded into my head the idea that I would be able to be a guest on her show.  Looks like the audio problem is solved with the headphones, and although I didn't have anything to say about synchronicity, her topic of choice for the open calls format, I was excited to try it out.  And I did when I connected, but I never spoke with HW.  That didn't stop me from expressing opinions as I'm fairly confident that once the radio show streams through the show, somebody on the other end is listening.

I'm getting tired of rum and coke to stay awake.  May have to pick up some vodka for a monster and vodka change-up.


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