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note taking while reading The Lazarus Files by Matthew McGough

Sherri asks Jayne what her self defense instructor advises if confronted with somebody with a gun.

The response the instructor gives Jayne, who in turn relays the infor back to Sherri, is 'talk your way out of it.'
1981 John Reutten is hired by DataProducts, Woodland Hills, which was acquired in 1990 by Hitachi.

Asked when the department would allow women officers in patrol cars, Davis replied "when the LA Rams have women football players."

"Because most LAPD policement could not abide being supervised by a female, policewomen were never promoted beyond the rank of sergeant."
p.63 Lazarus Files, McGough

"It is not uncommon for male officers to resent women as law enforcement officers. They may feel that women are not skilled in street-wise logic, are too frail to subdue male offenders, and are not above using their femininity to gain special favors."
-Dr. Robin Greene

"If people see that I honest trustworthy and do a good job, they will respect me, the job and the department."
-Stephanie Lazarus Sept. 1983
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