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industry could care less about penmanship

Last month I included some links to a site promoting high tech graffiti. See Blue laser on 27 April. Most avid computer users already know that their 'puter can become outdated just as easily as mergers can result in the sabotage of a production line. Unless creative ways to pass the time on your electronic equipment, like the laser show graffiti demo, frustration and boredom can set in soon enough. I've been trying to make a banner of these three images because I just really love these women (girl).

I meant to reveal some of the changes taking place here. One thing is that the new hi-def DVD will one day overtake the old DVD technology. And I thought watching a movie on DVD was so much more digitally pleasant than VHS. Apparently, there's a movement taking place to restrict the public's ability to read music lyrics without having a library card. A new jewel case is being developed by Midwest Tape that doesn't allow the CD to be opened without registering it to your library account. This sucks because a library is a place where a person can go to read and, although most lyrics can be obtained thru the library's access to the Internet, a person has to be quite motivated to learn the ins and outs of web surfing to find their particular song lyrics.


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