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Weird or (quizzical)

It’s disconcertingly bothersome when:

  • I update my blog on one device, then access my blog on a different device (and different Internet connection) to see my update but nothing appears when I refresh the screen

  • When I google ‘where’s SLAYER performing today,’ the only results I get are up and coming concert dates (for ticket sales) and today’s event, wherever it may be in the world, is totally ignored.

  • when I uncover the few websites on the subject of screenwriting which are not outdated by a few years, the feature most relevant to participating members of the site is the vast amount of users that one’s inquire/post reaches. I’m just saying. It has nothing to do with how old and dilapidated lj blogging servers have become, but how do people know it isn’t an AI that is replying to their query?

It is what it is, I guess. I am updating my blog with e-mail these days. Also, I’m turning off twitter feed; rather, I’m reversing the way lj syncs with twitter. From now on my lj updates will appear as a tweet instead of my tweets appearing as an lj update.

FWIW, please spread the word that I have a community for typewriter enthusiasts whom also lend their skill at screenwriting. It could make for the final straw that breaks the hypothetical camel’s back stacked with the declining formality of scripted TV.

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