Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Dwelling zone

Good nite. I'm tired and I spent all day on this thing. Once in a while I like to see what people think I look like in the pix I post, and a picture of me at my high school prom shows me in a monkey suit with short hair behind my computer, against the wall. So, as I scroll down my entries, I notice that now my hair is has reached the same length as the hair my date had on that night. Eerie feeling. I think I'm even beginning to look like her.

Pleasant dreams. I made a new friend today and adjusted the gap between ¶ in my lj blog that's been bothering. I know it's hard to read long ¶ this way and I'm sorry. Yawn.

I tried to send for free tix to Ozzfest. We'll see if I get them. They aren't guaranteed. I read a small review about Black Sabbath's tour dates and gawked at their decision to tour as HEAVEN AND HELL. I love that album by BS.


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