Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

illuminous doodle

I remember having declared myself some kind of soothsayer for Los Angeles earthquakes. This isn`t true. But for those of you that believed, try to imagine a weeping man`s convulsive movements from uncontrollable hysteria. I wasn`t sure how exactly to depict this movement in my sketch. I just barely got the shadows to simulate a face when I tell myself, "OK, now make that pouting gesture." Here, it seems like some monk is just meditating in prayer. Unfortunately, I didn`t realize that I was sketching a shaking movement, or it was what I intended, as a man pouts uncontrollably. But if it makes anyone feel more comfortable, Nostrodamus believed the quake would strike on May 10. I`ve been hearing rumors that the end is near in 2006 because the date for June 6 is 6/6/6. Ha, ha. It is to laugh.

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