Are you a real blogger writer?

I guess I could come out with a better name for the screenwriters' community.  The stylesheet could also be replaced to convey a writer's thought process.  When I was browsing thru the collection of lj stylesheets, I found a few good ones with typewriter graphic images, fountain pens, dip pens & ink wells.  All of these are great, but frustrated at the way html limits 

They're all great stylesheets, but they leave me in the dark about tweaking css/html to cater to my formatting requirements.  I'm not making excuses for the current stylesheet.  I like it too because screenwriting is kinda similar to cartooning in that storyboarding is still utilized in the film making process.  And storyboards are a crude form of cartooning; not that they have to be as I'm sure a comic strip panel in the style of the Blondie comic strip, or Hagar the Horrible, can function as storyboards just as the formal style of storyboarding.


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