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Bier de Stone

unboxing/breaking-in the Zebra fountain pen

The Zebra V-301 fountain pen
Zebra V301

Maybe I should say ‘I’m breaking in a Zebra fountain pen.’ Ink is not flowing and it’s difficult to get the ink flowing because tapping the bib onto the paper is going to destroy the tip. So I’ve been capping the pen when it dries out and shaking it vigorously. Sometimes I shake it as though I’m packing down the tobacco from a pack of cigarettes. That seems to be the safest method without causing damage, but it’s more time consuming. My theory is to just expend the entire cartridge of ink, but if that doesn’t get the ink to flow smoothly (by the time I waste all the ink), then I’m going to refill the cartridge with some Parker ink. I heard the ink cartridge for these Zebras are unique and the fountain pen won’t take the universal converter most pens work with, so I’ll be using a syringe to refill the despicable cartridge.

Tags: calligraphy

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