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Bier de Stone

Tonight’s the nite

I requested a day off. Sometimes working 5 days a week is too much and a break somewhere in the middle, like hump day, goes a long way for catching up on chores and cleaning. I’ve been living off homemade hamburgers lately, and prep time still seems to wedge into the free time I need to brainstorm dumb ideas for composing typewritten pages on my typewriter.

Tomorrow’s day off comes to you by the kind folks of SLAYER! whom touring dates revealed a show in Arizona. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be attending this performance in their farewell tour. Because I saw their concert at the forum in L.A. a couple years back when Hanneman’s replacement was already touring with the ban, I figure I won’t be missing anything I haven’t already seen. (Without Hanneman, there isn’t going to be much in the area of new material.)

Although I miss hanging out with friends at bars, as soon as I complete at least 3 tasks tomorrow, I’m calling for a free day to explore new watering holes in the vicinity. I have errands to run around town anyway.

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