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My Venus flytrap died. Awww, I'm sad. Now is a perfect time to review my take on the song I'm not sorry.

I'm Not Sorry
On returning, I can't believe this world is still turning, The pressure's on, Because the pleasure hasn't gone / And I'm, Not sorry for, For the things I've done / And I'm, Not looking for, Just anyone ¶ On competing, Oh, when will this tired heart stop beating?, It's all a game, Existence is only a game / And I'm, Not sorry for, For the things I've done / And I'm, Not looking for, Just anyone ¶ I'm, Slipping below the water line, I'm, Slipping below the water line / Reach for my hand, And, And the race is won / Reject my hand, And, The damage is done ¶ I'm, Slipping below the water line / I'm, Slipping below the water line ¶ The woman of my dreams, She, She never came along / The woman of my dreams, Well, There never was one ¶ And I'm, Not sorry for, For the things I've said / There's a wild man in my head, There's a wild man In my head
are so self explanatory, it's hard to believe they lack the immorality of relationships that ruin it forever between a guy and a girl. I can't imagine what life would've been like if I had married my high school sweetheart. People have told me that a person never forgets their first sexual experience. My xgf left me because of another girl somebody told her I was seeing at the same time her and I were still dating.

In the song, Morrissey says 'he's not sorry'. That's the only line that ruins this song for me. The lines 'I'm, not looking for, just anyone' and 'The woman of my dreams, Well, There never was one' really makes you wonder what exactly Morrissey is trying to say. Perhaps, since California was 21 in states rating high divorce rates, marriage with the woman of my dreams would've resulted in a loveless marriage. So, if cheating on my high school sweetheart resulted in an obsession over her likeness, her friendship, and everything about her that I can't seem to find in other women, then maybe I don't regret all the things I've done either.

I don't condone this kind of behavior. I'm worried sick of how she dealt with the heartache, but then again, I got the impression when we were dating, that she felt something for me. I could be wrong. A few years ago when I thought our paths crossed, I was so surprised and perplexed that I wasn't able to say that ol` favorite "Do I know you from somewhere?" People change, not just in looks but in character. I'm sure I don't come across as the same person I use to be in high school, but then again, I was nervous whenever I was with her, worried that I would say or do something that would be received negatively by her. I think the term is whipped and I felt I was lucky to have a gf who was older than me.

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