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Lj has an app that halts the ability to enter text as a result of scrolling the text field on iphone

I find that I look at my phone at least every hour (here at work).

Weird becuz I usually don’t get messages, texts, or calls. Instead, I go directly to facebook, Instagram, and if both of those accounts show no updates, I start scrambling for an app I haven’t checked hourly to see if an update occurred. Usually it’s Whoa where I scramble to first.

After reading the updates on these 3 apps and I’m still feeling ornery for interaction with the AI these apps emulate, I have disciplined myself to leave it alone attentively watch how much battery life I am consuming. This I’ve gotten good at since I’ve weened myself off imgur and reddit apps.

I’m sure these two meme apps are on most people’s minds as far as how I’ve managed to ignore them. Basically, I evaluate apps by the way the interact with other social media sites and sharing amusing gifs from imgur/reddit — hell, even liking a post with a thumbs up — has reached a lever IMO of impracticality. For the amount of times I check these services, memorizing my login credentials simply to praise a meme doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Sharing memes from them also stipulate a maze of requirements depending on which social media site I choose. Instagram is famous for cropping photos in random fashion but sharing gifs and/or videos from meme sites such as these can be tricky and a headache.

I find myself sharing to Tumblr first, Ghent going to the tumblr app to share on Twitter and facebook. I remember when Instagram appeared as an option to share something they the tumblr app but this has changed. I don’t know why. Social media apps not only constantly change the way their services interact with other apps, sites like Instagram seems to treat their registered members differently depending on how popular an account is with their hits (likes, views, shares). Because I removed the facebook app off my iOS devise long ago due to batter consumption issues from background activity, sharing to facebook doesn’t always appear as an option the the client side apps. Somehow tumblr doesn’t require that the facebook app be installed on my phone in order to share something, but the confusion of it all begins with the omission of the Instagram app as an option to share, even thought that<\i> app is installed on my device.

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