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Updating my blog isn’t the same anymore. Forget about all the mainstream blogging apps and services out there, I just haven’t gotten use to my new laptop’s keyboard. And updating my #typewriter / #tmtwngm / #highschool entries has never been the same since I started the editing process of the screenplay I’ve been working on for the past decade. For instance, while setting the mood to write again (using my typewriter, which means the finished page would be in movie script format), I put side 4 of OK COMPUTER on the record player and figuring out which songs I’m playing, without Siri’s help, lasted at least 20 minutes. The album cover is so cryptic. I guess we can blame hacker culture for that, but I managed to figure it all out and follow the lyrics which are included on the LP cover. And it was then — following the lyrics — that the flow of words become clearly stretched.
As a result of being a SLAYER fan since 2006, I learned from interviews and reviews that SLAYER music was meant to be fast. Following the lyrics to a SLAYER song is quite different compared to Radiohead. Don’t be mistaken, I enjoyed listening to “Lucky” and “The tourist” on a loop for twenty plus/minus times. Nice melody. But it wasn’t until I began to follow the lyrics that I realize the reason I’m struggling with writers’ block at this stage of editing is because I’ve been trying to build character in my antagonist.

These two songs are the same speed of music the antagonist favors, which is a complete clash to the manner in which the singer of a SLAYER song would annunciate the lyrics to a SLAYER song. Fast, the way the legalese portion of a radio commercial might verbalize the conditions and/or exceptions to the services and products they are offering at a discount. Disclaimer, for lack of a better term.
It is much easier, I imagine, for a music lover partial to heavy metal to listen to OK Computer because I wasn’t always a thrash metal fan. I use to like the Beetles, Blondie, Devo, the Gogo’s, etc. I still do. Just don’t listen to those old songs as often anymore. But every once in a while I like to play Cheap Trick, Adam Ant and other kooky 80’s songs. Rarely, however do I sit for the new stuff being played on the radio (which is mainly pop, alternative, rap, etc.) I guess I determined long ago that the escape scenes I worked on where the antagonist of the movie, currently named Elle, is enough to put anybody to sleep. And the only picker-upper is a sex scene. An encounter with a total stranger would totally depict the image I’m striving for with Elle. Elle isn’t a super model by any means. She’s short, average complexion, somewhat shy. Suppose these are all conflicts for her character to overcome and a juicy sexual encounter with a stranger would enforce her averageness to the extent that the sexual stranger partner she fucks is attractive. In other words, the more attractive this stranger happens to be, the better triumphant she will be seen as overcoming her averageness.
Isn’t this a mouthful?

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