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7th days

Sundays. I know all the days of the week have some kinda significance (as to how they came to be), why it`s they got the names they did usually explains it all, but today was the BBQ birthday celebration for my dad. He turns the big double 7. It`s usually the same old stuff on the menu and these BBQs wouldn`t be the same without the rice, chili beans, pasta and salsa that my sisters/mom contribute (ie. the women in the family). I was in charge of lighting the coals, and cooking. Now I smell like smoke. There`s probably a way of lighting coals without so much smoke, but the smoke appeals to me. I`m so obsessed that I hardly ever use lighter fluid. Wood scraps light quickly and easily, so I stack charcoals over a few blocks of wood in the shape of a hill (pyramid) and use wood shavings to start the flame. Once the wood shavings burn out, the wood blocks usually get enough heat to maintain a flame. My nephew helped light the fire and before either of us could find something to fan the coals with, I took a deep breath and blew at it making a combustable flame appear. "I am a dragon".

I didn`t eat so much so that I could barely move, and had to spend the remainder of the day slothing. Although I new the previous day that there would be a BBQ, I didn`t get the beers on ice soon enough. Thanks to this L.A. heat, and the sweaty workout at the grill, I didn`t notice the low temperature one hour in the fridge instills. I gulped down just four. That was enough to get me expressive with my opinions on current events and stuff. I swear, my sister can be very nosey. I`ve been in a zombie state for a few days now and I don`t know how I`ll pick myself up again until The 40 year old virgin comes out in theatres. But she wanted insight `bout why I was so gloomy. I thought of driving out to the mall for a look at some new threads, but having just finished doing some cleaning around the place, I honestly don`t see
how — without taking a shower first — and I still have more cleaning to do before I`m satisfied with my Sunday.

Showers are bad after eating a meal. I don`t know why but it`s just something Father would say, which is probably something his father told him. I remember my grandfather. I thought he was the greatest person I ever met. Unfortunately, he lived in another country so I rarely saw him. One impression left upon me was his question about telephone numbers. Ours happened to have a zero following the hyphen, so it might`ve been something like 555-0783 back in those days. He couldn`t grasp the concept of starting a number with a zero. Was he joking? Do people seem OK with zeroes at the beginning of numbers, like 07/14/05? Not me. With me, it`s always 7/14/5, end of story.

Here`s the music video I just had to spend several hours `til 4 in the morning watching repeatedly. If you saw the original movie, The ring, I have to ask if you think the ocean scenes remind you of it. If you saw the film Closer, who, IYO, do you think is more attractive in this music vid? Natalie Portman, or the gal at the shore which Damien Rice is singing to in the vid. The song is The Blower`s daughter. I think the video clippings are spliced into the song lyrics quite effectively.
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