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Law-enforcement, subject to rumor, innuendo, etc.
have a slight advantage when they're native to the city where they work. In other words, a crime of passion for two young lovers who've moved on with their lives may be involved in a homicide against each other (and a detective who grew up with them might have some insight.)

The teenage lovers go their separate ways but they're still in love with each other; and while there might be a mutual agreement between them if they're both involved in their own relationship, how might the death of one of them bring the two together again?

When the detective on the case realizes the victim was somebody he/she knew in high school.

What easier way to gain insight into a person's state of mind than by using the modus operandi made available from work, and for a detective it might seem appealing to follow a suspect until a traffic violation allows him to pull the him over for a quick character evaluation.

What all is entailed in being a detective is a mystery to me, but one thing is certain, their social skills would definitely suck if he had to lower his rank and status just to impersonate a regular law enforcement officer. Courtesy has gone out the door. What ever happened to the old west code of honor, wherein, if a cop is proven incorrect at doing his job stopping somebody and instilling fear into them, that that cop should be obligated to forfeit his firearm as a peace offering. Index card:
S&W 627 Pro .357 Mag 4" AS Stainless 8 Shot.
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