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Los San Fermines de Pamplona

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'Ugly' year seen for ford, by MZ §c3♓ A writer's transformation makes the personal public, by James Raimey, §A28

This morning I woke up at the witching hour (3:15) with a bloody nose. I guess if I hadn't awoke, I could've bled to death, but the human body knows to snap itself out of a slumber when something like sinuses can asphixiate a sleeper. Anyway, I thought nothing of it. It wasn't like a nightmare had woken me up. I did feel a bit nervous about getting a bloody nose at exactly 3:00am. I try to sleep through that entire hour because I don't like the idea of looking out the window and seeing two beady, glowing red pig eyes peering in on me (something out of The Amityville house horror story).

Checking my widgets for something to do, I see that there are 70 days left for the running of the bulls in Pamplona. The number 7 is also mysterious.

♓ 4\27\7 Los Angeles Times

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