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I just wanted to tell you how mind blowing this post affected me. I think I stumbled onto it a week ago, and though I tried to reply with a suggestion, I just couldn't think of anything. Then, on my Insta account, I stumbled onto this short gif of fffungirl which struck home as I've been binging on Sonny's instagram account. The gif animation, of Fungirl falling off a skateboard, then knocking somebody off their skateboard (or rather, the animation might've been originally intended to depict Fungirl first knocking off another skateboarder, then riding that stolen skateboard and falling on her face; but since I had to watch several times because the dialog bubble where Fungirl says "step off, sonny" just flashed to fast to grasp the first time, the whole animation started to seem like Fungirl falls on her face first, then gets up and steals s.b.'s skateboard.)

Sonny is an actress/writer who associates with a graffiti artist who is working on a mural in my neighborhood. But I think they're the same person. Or twins. Her twin, or sonny, may or may not be somebody I knew way back in high school. I haven't acknowledged this bit of information and am currently in limbo while I lurk at her public stories on Instagram as the few IM have all but gone unresponded. And when I say all, I mean I feel like I'm being catfished. Long story short: the moment I saw this cartoon, the first thing that came to mind was your post 'The poll commands it'.

Somehow, this Fungirl cartoon sparked scenes to a screenplay I've been working on and I may have to credit Elizabeth Pich with contributing creative contributions (even though I don't know, or asked for something so enticing.) Here's my vid that parrallels: my movie character having stolen a bike, instead of a skateboard, goes on a joyride in attempts to escape law enforcement.

I thought I could make this short, but if you can visualize me and Sonny, two star-crossed lovers who haven't seen each other in decades since high school, maybe I'll share it with her and see, yet again, whether it merits her response to me.

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