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Yellow spot vs red spot

What is the significance of having seen a #BiblisHyperia all the way up here in Los Angeles on the rare occasion that the light from the sun hits it's wings at such an angle that the red patch reflects the color yellow? Yellow Butterfly - SCORPIONS

I had to flip thru google results of every possible variation of black and yellow butterflies before deciding that the closest thing to what I saw flutter by me, one afternoon in my backyard, was the red rimmed butterfly.
I forget how I came to terms that the reason I saw yellow was because I was losing my mind. Or B: the angle of light reflecting off of it shifts the color spectrum not unlike a hummingbird has a rainbow of colores that seem to shift from one hue to the next.

INDEX CARD: yellow butterfly

I've started walking the iguana. Moe, his name is now. Short for Mordred. For the most part, I get equal reactions from the occasional pedestrian who thinks it's cool; to the scared individual commenting about how scary it looks.

He's cute, I don't care what anybody thinks

The way my luck's been going with encounters with the fuzz, you'd think they were getting ready to pounce on me. I can already see myself being asked for an iguana license? To be clear, I don't walk it in the literal sense. We're getting use to people and I feel like I'm in a regular circus when I bring the dog, Milo with me. He hasn't pooped just yet. That's really gonna be something, trying to pick up poop while I balance the iguana on my shoulder.

Fan motor. Water filter from fish tank.

silence, with the exception of the sounds of a small fan motor and water dripping from a sink or something (fishtank) coming from a phonograph.

a new record plays

The cave has two main views. To the east, a hill. The main entrance to the cave faces west. The only view in that direction is the small green house of plants growing on the porch.

The heat has finally let up and fall is expected to creep in next week with light rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Had to get an extension ("moving permit") for my car which has never failed to pass the smog tests. I think this is the first time. Maybe the second. But if it ever had happened, it was a long time ago and I probably won't be able to dig up a receipt. Yeah, the bike wouldn't start for me this morning either. I should've plugged it in as soon as I stopped riding it. I mean, I had a suspicion it would be sitting there for awhile. Without use.

My iguana is the only massages I get after work these days


I hope this stuff doesn't get used on #snl tonight.
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