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S.B. do something about the backlash encountered from the creative license to express freely ones op


Been meaning to address pop-up ads here in this blog for awhile now. They're especially annoying when a person tries surfing the web on a slow Internet connection/computer because by the time these scandalous ads appear, you already clicked on a link underneath it, but the link one intends to follow isn't the link that is open because the pop-up ad hi-jacks your mouse click. Of course, this isn't the issue that is addressed by FoodNetwork when they try to coax you to turn off your ad-block feature. They just use the word "hate" like it's okay to hate (in trying times when hate crimes are committed left and right, all of the time.)

This kind of hijacking of the client side user's interaction with their mouse/keyboard should be emphasized if the pop-up that results on a FoodNetwork page is so blasé.


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