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Horrible events brought into living rooms around the country

NBC bashed for airing Virginia Tech killer's rants, by Matea Gold, headlines

I overheard idle chatter at work concerning the broadcasting of the Virginia Tech quicktime videos, and whether it was careless or justified. A quote used out of context in today's front page news story gives the impression that faithful NBC viewers are going to switch to another channel.

"While scores of viewers heatedly criticized NBC—with many vowing they would never watch its programs again—media ethicists said the network showed judiciousness by withholding news of the package…"

Considering some Nielsen rating statistics, the "NBC newscast easily bested ABC' and CBS'" that day. So`s not to contradict the concerned viewers expressing their agitation over NBC's news making broadcast in itself, this writer's choice of words—indicating that devoted NBC watchers are concerned with copycat influences being shown at a time during the day when many people might misinterpret it—may appear as though regular NBC fans misinterpreted the footage as entertainment, just like any other NBC primetime program.

I didn't feel like expressing my radical opinions. I did, however, want to read the article about the network bashing. Being conspicuous about the way coverage on the new abortion law was barely able to squeeze in a few minutes of news time, isn't it too convenient that such a headliner should occur at about the same time women lose their right to abortion? I'm sure the FBI handling the massacre are considering the possibility that a confession such as the QuickTime manifesto by Cho is all too convenient to eliminate any possible surviving suspects. I'm only brainstorming here, and it seems quite similar to a copycat influenced suicide typical of Taliban methods, but it seems to me that killers at the the education level of the unabomber should be quite adept at getting away with their crime. Why can't there be a scapegoat if Palestinian suicide bombers also make videos confessing their deeds; some of which get televised in the US. It's probably become an option of those troubled individuals contemplating suicide, that the lives of those hated can be eliminated just before taking his/her own life, if enough thought is put to the event? Surely, nobody would've noticed that the women's right to abortion law should have passed legislation on the week of Hitler's birthday if people weren't instilled with the image of expecting a neo-nazi as a prime suspect in the Virginia Tech massacre.

While I continue to lose myself hunting for movie stills of Saladin's sister in Kingdom of Heaven, I'll just take a collection of movie fan comments and make a feeble attempt to capture an image on my digital camera off the TV. It's times like these I wish I had a better sense of electronics so I could capture the scene off my screen from streaming the movie through my MacBook display.

† Apr. 20, 2007, Los Angeles Times
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