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My hair loves the water up here THE DRINKING WATER

I got maybe two or three hours sleep last night. I have a sleeper car and I slept in the upper bunk, scared the whole time that I would roll in my sleep and fall. The jerking of the train, the g-force of turning a curve, the noise. All these things had me grasping at whatever I could to avoid rolling over in my sleep.

I found out this morning that I forgot to pack the freaking phone charger cable. Duh. WIFI sucked on the train BTW.

Saturday 1 Sep 2018


I'm exhausted. I was only able to get 3 hours sleep on the train. The train apparently was an hour behind schedule too. I didn't think it would matter if I picked up my car rental late, but it did. By the time the train rolled in, I had less than 10% of a charge on my battery. So many papers, maps, receipts cluttering my pockets, I felt I didn't have to print the train tickets since conductors are okay with scanning QR Codes directly off a smart phone screen; so what happens if my phone gets lost, or something as simple as the charge dies right when I need it the most? I think I better look into printing it here at the hotel.

I brought the laptop. I brought the laptop's charger. I guess I brought every other cable except the one for the phone, so I barely managed to get a Lyft to the Hertz car rental location and they said they were closed. I missed my pick-up time by an hour.

Had to call another Lyft to drive me to the airport where I was able to rent a toyota pick up. Drives nice. I miss that new car smell. This ordeal with the car rental cost me an hour and a half. That was the time I would've used to eat somewhere fancy.

I had planned my route a week before, but the first chance I got, I picked up a charger cable and set google maps to guide me on my road trip portionof the adventure. Totally strayed from my planned route which was probs a good thing because following the route google maps dictated to me probably shaved off a few minutes. It was raining cats and dogs in parts of trip, and I was impressed at the quantity of bikers I saw weathering the slick roads. Mebbe tomorrow, after church, I'll scrutinize how to drive back to Albuquerque without google map's help. I don't like relying on google because of the gaps in data signal while driving thru the desert.

I didn't see very much of Aztec, NM. Only glimpses of storefronts from my car window. Barely had enough time to grab a chicken nugget for lunner as I zipped thru. The WIFI password doesn't work, but I'm too tired to call the front desk. The Mine Shaft Inn is unlike any hotel I've ever stayed at before. My room has a chandelier dangling from the top of a 20 foot ceiling. I am at an elevation of 8,850 feet. Back home, I'm only at 420 feet. The bed in this haunted bnb faces North, exactly the way I have my bedroom arrange back in L.A. so, ghost or no ghosts, I think I'l sleep better than the way I did on the train. Tomorrow, more adventures in Telluride -- and more driving.

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