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Sorry, I can't use the cork board for pin up girls because it's too close to the kitchen,..

The pin board is coming along nicely. Wish I had more cards up there. I want to take a photo of it as soon as it becomes umbarably busy. Maybe something addressing the way Bier's psychosis is one very rare puppy. The one where you'd think that you and he are bonding, and then, not to be nasty, but Bier will almost physically put up a wall. And I'm talking brick wall, then it's the climax of the film to reveal the rides he's encountered, the hard knocks, rather. And the results ending in a peculiar "loner" state of mind. There are rumors he'll be making himself useful stupid ushering up and down empty streets in #telluride. I have their website up for the film festival. It has a gigantic 2017 in contemporary brush script.

It's gonna be rough. I plan on staying at a haunted inn. What can I say? Bedlington recommended it.

I have new luggage. Gotta find some tags to label it with, even though it's a carry-on. I haven't been on vacation in a long time. A road trip sounds exciting. I'll be on a train for half the trip, but since the train ticket I have come with exploring cities for a longer period. I think Amtrak has something like flexible bookings. Or, like a pass, that allows your to board the train as long as their space. /talk about fear & loathing

It's going to be difficult keeping track of charging devices and the meny chargine cables I'll be needing for all the devices I'm planning on taking with me. I can give some of the devices a fresh charge the previous day and avoid having to carry with their charging ports. Don't think wifi is going to be available where I'm staying. I'll probably be stuck with toilet paper and a crayon to write with. If I pack the polaroid Zip, it would take about as much room as the wide angle lense camera I wanted tom take for paronamic landscape shots. A printer can definitely be charged beforehand on the previous day. It's only essential to have one if we're going to face a complete disconnect with the rest of the world. So, You know, I'll only just bring the essentials. I'll probably lose my Digital pen, but at least it won't stain my pocket. (i can already see myself deliberatly losing it just so I can buy another one, lighter and more compact). wouldn't it be fun to run a small publishing biz to see what a small publishing biz might encounter being mobile and such? Kinda like Ana's crime watch show and the way

she always selfies her microphone. wouldn't that be fun to write about? the set-up to the sequence just before we [READER] learn about Bier's psychosis by putting some of the pieces we reveal getting to this point together.

  • Bier becomes a headbanger
  • Bier meets girl. Falls in love, etc. it's complicated
  • Bier develops signs of CTE
  • And THAT, the revelation of "ohhh, no wonder" comes together
  • the clincher being that the audience grapples to hang onto to the concept (suggestion) that the real bad guys are a twisted idealism that brainwashed people during the prohibition. The new prohibition. The fake prohibition. And how, now, the cops just go and shoot innocent people (citizens) on a whim.

In fact, if I had my typewriter on this trip — I really gotta get my hands on an Olivetti 32 Lettera — writing a scene or two would be easy. Talking about scene. Since #tmtwngm is probably never gonna get made, what becomes of all the hard work put into writing a movie? My next project will be going undercover to answer the question: Do actors and actresses make for good spies?

Oh and if this starts sounding like some undercover plot to breach barriers of an UFO coverup, hold on to your britches, Annie, this should make for a wild ride.

i might be impelled to blog about how many miles from point A to point B and what the highlights of the ride might've been (if I was riding thru) It sounds like Typical Gonzo behaviorism. It helps when I write scenes instead of these ramblings because it is then that I allow myself to be more open about stuff (thru various characters' POV)

until I can plot a route through New Mexico to Colorado which would be helpful in the coming home portion of the road trip, it's going to be work work work.

Wouldn't it be fun to just lug around with an IBM Selectric the way Hunter S. Thompson did — did he? He must've. I would.

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