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I'm gonna need a rolodex for these pseudonyms

I took some notes today. By that I mean research. These days research seems to always lead me astray. There are three key elements in #tmtwngm that I don’t know anything about, much less attempt to write creatively on as a subject. More like it would seem, boldly and unforgivably using as filler text (hoping the scene will all tie together somehow high school).

Check it. King’s saying stuff like ‘genre-busting’ and from what I got from that was the inception of a new kind of genre. Kinda like when heavy metal was first broadcast as some miscellaneous journalist who happened to be first at coining the phrase; thus labeling heavy metal music what it is today. I think that’s common knowledge. Example: print press journalism vs. gonzo journalism. So, getting back to this theory…

I go and get the bright idea to surf the library’s database for articles somewhere between April 24, 2018 to July 16, 2018. I started out looking at…

ended up finding interest in the résumé of the contributing writers when the story broke the following day. Is it public record to see what time the warrant was placed to pick up the east side rapist/golden state killer? Curiously enough, about half the writers didn’t have anything published before that date ( snip dated today 7/16/18). It seems like I’m encountering other things in addition to writer’s block, so the Nazi Youth Hunter conspiracy would need to go on the

back burner. Umm, think of it as motivation to try to make a movie like…

Look at the internet. One minute your happily web surfing, the next you’re bombarded with pop-up ads.

… like stanley kubrick’s the Shining. NYH undertones. Next I’ll be hearing ‘do it for the gipper!’ GETTING BACK.

So I took down some names, like my friends showed me. BTW, I have a 109MB+ pdf document that takes forever to pixelate on the screen. It’s a real drag Art Bell. ~Jesus. I’m having trouble reaching the shift key with my right pinky finger. Took forever trying to peck out “So I took down some names…” I think only two people had a credit listing dating back before April 2018. Those should appear later on in updates hacked out on my manual typewriter. I feel like I’ve stumbled onto something, editing text files so that they appear in html table format and roughly similar to the multiple column format print newspapers love to publish in their news stories.

It is a process, but my goal is to create a system where abandoning mid-task doesn’t harm the creative process. So, I’m either ranting on the keyboard at work trying to make time go by faster, or I’m manipulating text into two batches. Eyeball it all the way. I thought to use the computer to give me a word count, but that might have created obstacles since these days it’s all about being portable with your data. I wish I knew how to set up my gmail for s/mime encryption. I had to release medical documents thru regular channels, so now I’m sure the whole world knows about me.

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