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Discovering fatherhood on the way to a swindle, by A.O. Scott, §B12
One stop shopping for locations, by RV §C1
Value of hybrids pick up speed, by MZ §C3

An article I read today from an old newspaper describes how discounts for filmmakers to bring their projects abroad is leading the tourist industry. Is that logically put? Because it is cheaper to film in the desert, film makers are finding it worthwhile to go out of the country to make their movies.

How much more does it cost to film in the US? I'm not good with numbers but I have to applaud the production companies for being so resourceful. It's hard enough handling a camera… taking advantage of low rate discounts by taking it on the road, overseas, is something in itself, a sample worth mentioning.

Everybody seems so talented with YouTube. It makes me feel left out. And when I think about it, all the pirating, the home videos, etc. I wonder whether the smart thing to do would be to build a website for shoestring film projects where people can turn to for footage in other countries. Lets say a filmmaker in Australia needs a scene from Los Angeles which just happens to be perfect for my backyard, I film his/her scene (as soon as they send their actors, or I find their doppelgänger), and in return, the ring finds me somebody to film a scene for me somewhere in Spain. In their backyard. So much can be done in backyards like what Shaun of the dead produced.

Jude found an old, old newspaper of the NY Times dating back to the year 3. Talk about being behind in the times. A couple days ago, I caught the second half of Kingdom of heaven. I was so anxious to see the part where Saladin's sister appears in a field of grass as a Knight Templar approaches her. I wish I knew what she said in her lines. The execution is omitted but Saladin's sister, played by Giannina Facio, is killed in the story. Oddly enough, that part of the film depicts her as glamorous IMO. I tried to find a still shot of the film clip on the Internet, but found only paparazzi photos of Giannina Facio.

I learned she also had a part in Matchstick men, a film directed by Ridley Scott and quite possibly her spouse. So I made myself promise that I would watch that film again since I missed her the first time. How sweet that I should come across an old, old newspaper with a review of Matchstick men?

Just reading this review makes me relive the day of my murder. AMY (of 40yov) "Psycho talk." I think it's bad that I make time to read a four year old newspaper instead of preparing for my exam. It becomes very clear to me now why I stay away from school. They may call it ADT, but I call it boring. The good news is I think I solved the MS Excel puzzle. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow to try to run it on the PC and incorporate it into accounting's silly little form.

If I had a dog, I think I'd call him Zhucho.

September 12, 2003, NY Times 
Apr. 14, 2007, LA Times 
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