Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Knob run

I've heard of before, but it never really caught my interest until I saw a link of a link that directed me to something called zombie attack. I never use to be so zombied out before lj. I had to think of something for a user name and it was that or NMEfoofoo, wet towel, blanket sin, etc. Anyway, I'm reading Stephen King's Cell but it's going to be a slow read. I'm studying for a promotional exam, and already my confidence is dwindling. I haven't written my friend in Germany, but she's the one who said I should take my time writing back. We're all so busy these days.

I got caught up in tweaking footnotes/endnotes for my stylesheet. They look so much better than the font I'm using for tags. I have to remember to change the tags font as soon as I get my tags straight. Something for the todo list, I guess.

Well, I'm off. I may return with a picture so hold off on any replies to this entry as I've disabled comments until it's finished. I just did a mile with the 8 lbs. dumbbell in my left hand, and the 5 lbs. dumbbell in my right hand. I checked to see my pulse rate. It seems I don't have a pulse.


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