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Films opening Feb 9

Here is a list of lj entries made on the subject of An American crime
And these are the opening films that were released on the same day the indie film was seen at Sundance in the US.

Baseball and glory (USA)
Beyond the pretty door (USA)
By appointment only (USA)
Chingaso the clown (USA)
Death in the wood, a (USA)
Death in the woods (USA)
Don't call me (USA)
Forbidden (USA)
Game over (USA)
Heart of a soul surfer (USA)
Inconscientes (USA)
Karma Café (USA)
Last sin eater, the (USA)
Little light, a (USA)
Lowell Gleason wears glasses (USA)
Model man (USA)
Nameless (USA)
Norbit (USA)
Notes on Marie Menken (USA)
Now you know! XL: Black inventors series (USA)
Prey for me (USA)
Rock `n Tokyo (USA)
Shotgun stories (USA)
Still life (USA)
Supermarket Sam (USA)
Third eye, the (USA)
La Cecilia (Australia)
Storm of emotions (Australia)
Rocky Balboa (Austria, Brazil)
Stranger than fiction (Austria)
Taxidermia (Austria)
Antônia – O filme (Brazil, Germany)
Litte children (Brazil, Spain)
queen, the (Brazil, Estonia)
Pursuit of happyness (Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Venezuela, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Iceland)
Valley of flowers (Bulgaria)
Hannibal rising (Canada, Denmark, UK, USA, Italy, Turkey, Latvia)
Mosquitoes (Canada)
Shut up and deal (Canada)
Paris, je t'aime (Columbia)
Arthur et les Minomoys (Denmark)
Dreamgirls (Denmark)
De Fortabte sjæles ø (Denmark)
Night at the museum (Denmark)
Breaking and entering (Estonia, Panama, Turkey, Italy)
School for scoundrelsK (Estonia)
Blood diamond (Finland, Mexico, Spain)
Darwin awards, the (Finland)
Efter brylluppet (Finland)
Ils (Finland)
Muisti (Finland)
Nina's heavenly delights (Finland)
Vers le sud (Finland)
a.k.a. Nikki S. Lee (Germany)
Afgrunden (Germany)
Aju teukbyeolhan sonnim (Germany)
Akumu tantei (Germany)
Am Limit (Germany)
American Crime, an (Germany)
American zombie (Germany)
Annem sinema ögreniyor (Germany)
Ano em que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias (Germany)
Armin (Germany)
Aufrecht stehen (Germany)
Azuloscurocasinegro (Germany)
Bajo Juárez: La ciudad devorando a sus hijas (Germany)
Baker, the (Germany)
Because I said (Germany)
Belle toujours (Germany)
Bienvenue á Bataville (Germany)
Blindflug (Germany)
Body Armour (Germany)
Boldog új élet (Germany)
Borgia, los (Germany)
Boynton Beach Bereavement Club, the (Germany)
Breakout (Germany)
Bus (Germany)
Bushi no ichibun (Germany)
C'est Gradiva qui vous appelle (Germany)
Cabeza de perroK (Germany)
Caimano, II (Germany, Norway)
Candidate, le (Germany)
Chapter 27 (Germany)
Coeurs (Germany)
Comrades in dreams (Germany)
Dans les cordes (Germany)
Dark matter (Germany)
Deep water (Germany)
Dialogue avec mon jardinier (Germany)
Dog problem, the (Germany)
Dokuritsu gurentai (Germany)
East Is East (Germany)
Edad de la peseta, la (Germany)
Ekusute (Germany)
Emmas Glück (Germany)
Eye of the dolphin (Germany)
Fido (Germany)
Fifty Pills (Germany)
Filmprimadonna, die (Germany)
For your consideration (Germany, UK)
Four Friends (Germany)
Freedom's Fury (Germany)
Freundschaft (Germany)
Fritt vilt (Germany)
Girl who swallowed bees, the (Germany)
Good German, the (Germany)
Guide de la petite vengeance (Germany)
Haebaragi (Germany)
Hao qi hai si mao (Germany)
Home song stories, the (Germany)
Honor de cavalleria (Germany)
Hors de prix (Germany)
Hottest state, the (Germany)
Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre (Germany)
Invasion of the bee girls (Germany)
Invitation au voyage, l' (Germany)
Iraq for sale: the war profiteers (Germany)
Itty bitty titty committee (Germany)
Izobrazhaya zhertvu (Germany)
J'aurais voulu être un danseu (Germany)
Jagdhunde (Germany)
Joe Strummer: the future is unwritten (Germany)
Jungcheon (Germany)
Keisarin salaisuus (Germany)
Killer of sheep (Germany)
Kilómetro 31 (Germany)
Knyaz Vladimir (Germany)
Kráska v nesnázich (Germany)
Kuchisake onna (Germany)
Köld sló∂ (Germany)
Last mimzy, the (Germany)
Left handed gun, the (Germany)
Leçon de guitare, la (Germany)
Lo que trae la lluvia (Germany)
Local color (Germany)
Locos por el sexo (Germany)
Lora (Germany)
Love 'em and leave 'em (Germany)
LoveDeath (Germany)
Ma che ci faccio qui! (Germany)
Magnum photos – Ein Mythos andert sich (Germany)
Mai + come prima (Germany)
Manufactured landscapes (Germany)
Mark of Cain, the (Germany)
Mem–o–re (Germany)
Messengers, the (Germany)
Michou d'Auber (Germany)
Minyeo-neun goerowo (Germany)
Monastery: Mr. Vig and the nun, the (Germany)
Mutation - Annihiliation (Germany)
Mýrin (Germany)
Night before Christmas, the (Germany)
Niji no megami (Germany)
När mörkret faller (Germany)
Odette Toulemonde (Germany)
Offset (Germany)
One night with the King (Germany)
Onni von Sopanen (Germany)
Otoshimono (Germany)
Pardonnez–moi (Germany)
Pars vite et reviens tard (Germany)
Partition (Germany)
Per non dimenticarti (Germany)
Petites vacances, les (Germany)
Pride (Germany)
Président (Germany)
Próximo oriente, el (Germany)
Rendez–vous (Germany)
Route 225 (Germany)
Running with Arnold (Germany)
Saibogujiman kwenchana (Germany)
Sakebi (Germany)
Sakuran (Germany)
Salanghal ddae iyagihaneun geotdeul (Germany)
Scream of the ants (Germany, Turkey< Taiwan)
Scummy man (Germany)
SherryBaby (Germany, Sweden)
Si le vent souléve les sables (Germany)
Social secretary, the (Germany)
Something new (Germany)
Souriante Madame Beudet, la (Germany)
Sparkle (Germany)
Stephanie Daley (Germany)
Stone time touch (Germany)
Strada di Levi, la (Germany)
Strajk – Die Heldin von Danzig (Germany)
Strange culture (Germany)
Substitute (Germany)
Three investigators and the secret of skeleton islane, the (Germany)
Trés bien, merci (Germany)
Turm des Schweigens, der (Germany)
Unearthed (Germany)
Unrest (Germany)
V2–Jäätynyt enkeli (Germany)
Valkoinen kaupunki (Germany)
Venus (Germany)
Vida abismal, la (Germany)
Vida inmune, la (Germany)
WWW: What a wonderful world (Germany)
Wer früher stirbt, is länger tot (Germany)
What means Motley? (Germany)
Woke, die (Germany)
Yi ma de hou xian dai sheng huo (Germany)
You kill me (Germany)
Zapatas bande (Germany)
Zoo (Germany)
Écoute le temps (Germany)
Boîte noire, la (Germany)
$windle (Hungary)
A.A.A. Achille (Hungary)
Gargoyle (Hungary)
Interstella 5555: the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (Hungary)
Ono (Hungary)
Alpha Dog (Iceland)
Anna and the moods (Iceland)
Laberinto del fauno, el (Iceland, Sweden)
Perfume: the story of a murderer (Iceland)
Black Friday (India, USA)
Janmam (India)
Undertrial (India)
Ashura–jô no hitomi (India)
Epic movie (Ireland, Latvia, UK)
Holiday, the (Italy, Venezuela)
Inland Empire (Italy)
Mi fido di te (Italy)
Notte prima degli esami – Oggi (Italy)
Soblimine (Italy)
Tourneuse de pages, la (Italy)
Zwartboek (Italy, Switzerland)
Nikos (Japan)
Corazón marchito (Mexico)
Easy (Mexico)
Employee of the month (Mexico)
Flyboys (Mexico)
Last king of Scotland, the (Mexico, Panama, Poland)
Wassup Rockers (Mexico)
Freie Wille, der (Norway)
Smokin' Aces (Norway)
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Poland)
Infamous (Poland)
Machuca (Poland)
Night Listener, the (Poland)
Nuovomondo (Poland)
Prête–moi ta main (Germany, Poland)
Renaissance (Poland)
Rys (Poland)
Sexual magic (Poland)
Boudu (Spain)
Días de cine (Spain)
John Tucker must die (Spain)
Miss Potter (Spain)
Perrera, la (Spain)
Science des rêves, la (Spain)
Shortbus (Spain)
Charlotte's web (Sweden, UK)
Children of men (Sweden)
Darling (Sweden)
Hoppet (Sweden)
Nueve reinas (Sweden)
Prize of the pole, the (Sweden)
Red roads (Sweden)
Ritana (Sweden)
Leben der Anderen, das (Taiwan, USA)
Black Dahlia, the (Turkey)
Avatar: the last airbender (UK)
Back in business (UK)
Blood and chocolate (UK)
Carmen Jones (UK)
Goal! 2: living the dream… (UK)
Iklimler (UK)
Music and lyrics (UK)
My name is Albert Ayler (UK)
Shark bait (UK)
Texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning, the (Venezuela)

I can't believe I typed all this.

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