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Who can resist a movie with a title that sounds so much like a marriage proposal to AG? Yes, I know I've stretched the art of linguistics to its limit, but nevermind that, just look at the cute little puppy dog.

Despite the free day I requested for tomorrow in exchange for having to work the weekend, I still must wake up early enough to beat the rush at the laundromat. While I wait for the machines to finish their cycle, there's nothing better than a cup of espresso with my favorite newspaper column. Unfortunately, I'm not a speed reader and the washing machines always complete their cycle before I finish reading columns by Meg James, Josh Friedman, Abigail Goldman, etc. Lately, I have found myself reading news topics that wouldn't normally catch my interest, but because I follow the work of specific journalism, I'm learning new things. And once in awhile I'll read a headline that I can't resist by some unknown reporter. Unless I feel it's news to start an opinionated string here on lj, I probably won't mention stuff I read by unknown journalists.

I have some mighty strong opinions myself, but I tend to express very little because of the fear of being set straight by somebody totally hellion. When I discovered that Dreamworks might be supporting to the Obama presidential campaign with donations, I immediately switched my opinion of Barack Obama and switched over to supporting Hillary Clinton instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being politically savvy with my blog. I think Clinton has a big ass, and it can work in her favor. It obviously takes an artistic eye to see the beauty in big hipped women. NOT.

Just last year I went to my first SLAYER concert with front row tix. It was quite an experience, but quite a mortifying too. Seeing that so many men could all focus their attention to the stage where the main attraction literally hypnotized, the unnatural feeling of rubbing elbows against other male body parts in the pit area was something I decided could be overlooked considering. A few ladies were visible at the concert, there by the stage, but not enough; and who can blame them. A woman's stature might only be dragged to the rear as all the pushing and shoving fans gradually forced their bodies to the front. Let Clinton in to just such an event and watch she stands her ground without being blown away like a feathered hat, or a marajuana joint. An article in the editorials headlined: AWOL in the real drug war gave me the courage to express this foresite about Hillary Clinton. I try never to miss a commentary with Arianna Huffington because her accent, and body, are so sexy. I doubt the democrats will pull off a feat to elect Hillary Clinton as the forerunner for the 2008 presidential elections after some of the critical aspects Arianna pointed out in her editorial. I never thought any politician convincing when their feable efforts to transform non-voters into voting, despite their preference to the opposition, could win enough votes to make a difference. When I think of the dent Hillary Clinton could make if she managed to convince head banging music lovers to her side, the image bursts into morals and ethics that most politicos would stand by in proclaiming they'd rather "lose the war than win the election".

Hasn't anybody thought of comparing census statistics in this country against voter results? Are the numbers too shocking to talk about if it turned out that the new minority might be non–voters–who–can–vote–but–don't without regard to their race or creed? When I saw all the minutemen shutting out immigrants by building wall barriers dividing the border between Mexico and the United States, I thought "How cute AG looks when she's out on the field reporting the news". Then I thought of the film The day after tomorrow and how she totally was NOT in it. I watched Deep impact and the scenes where the streets are gridlocked as the people try to flee to higher ground reminded me of the missing AG scenes in the other film. So there I am watching the movie and taking special notice to all the extras in the film for anybody resembling AG.

I know I'm wrong to think born again Christians are the scum of the earth. All they really stand for is catholicism with an inclination to re-incarnation. I'm sure corporate executive types trying to make a life down in Mexico with their embezzlement spoils are thinking the same thing when they meet a catholic who go into a rave about re-incarnation, what it feels like to be the embodiment of somebody like Don Juan, or Sancho Panza. It took me awhile to figure out that the term "born again" is the equivalent to "re-incarnation". Who knew? I have similar difficulty pronouncing crucifixion, and spelling it for that matter. This is a word that falls under one of those exception spelling rules that govern words containing ie and ei letter combinations. The rule for spelling crucifixion is, "x" has the pronounciation "ct" as in fiction. I'm not an expert in speaking Spanish, and when I find myself translating things like "computer mouse" in the literal sense, I'm totally at the mercy of the other guys sense of humor. Perhaps translating the term for "born again christians" isn't "re-incarnation" (however that's spelled in Spanish), but saying "personas que nacen demas" would get a bigger laugh, IMO.

I wasn't able to hear the slightest accent while reading Arianna's editorial. The only reason I clipped it was because I enjoy her voice so much. It's like trying to write a book and getting stuck in the part where trying to describe a certian smell or the feeling of déjà vu.

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