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Today I saw a ghost in the shape of an ex-girlfriend. She didn`t recognize me because, you know what they say about Halloween—dress evil and the spirits will pass you by thinking you`re one of their own—everyday is halloween for me. I have a neurotic cat complex and grew whiskers which I curl upward with hair wax. This is a big change from what I use to look like back when I was in love, if you could call it that. She walked in and gave me that look I can`t ever forget. I thought I would drop dead from a coronary.

She must`ve changed her name because it wasn`t what it use to be when I knew her. Unless she really was a ghost and I was imagining things. She wore burgundy I guess. Maybe beige. I meant to ask to see her calf, or an ID, but the last time we spoke she was getting married. I figured, incorrectly as always, let sleeping dogs lie.
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