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Spring break ends

Originally uploaded by blanket sin.

I am still not fully satisfied with this new look. Although it would've been nice to have come up with the css code all by myself, I copied and pasted it from another blog that also happened to be utilizing a background image. So, I don't really know if half of the code in my stylesheet has any functionality at all.

Today was bar-b-q day. We had chicken, beef, hot dogs, tortillas, buns, salsa (red), salsa (green), pico-de-gallo (which I think is also called chimole). I got to hand it to the inventor of hot, spicy salsa. If you ever started a can of soda, or beer, and just didn't have any thirst left inside to finish it off, a Mexican hot-dog with really hot chile does the trick.

So, I hope there isn't too much difficulty reading the text in my blog. I know the leading is a bit absurd, but I remember the days when I only had a Royal Deluxe typewriter and single spacing was just about this size. It makes me wonder whether movie scripts, typically 120 pages in length, used single spacing or double spacing by these standards.

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