Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I can't fix my computer

OMG! What a horrible nightmare. Wait. If I'm awake while I'm having a dream, and that's called a daydream; then is it fair to say that a nightmare is a daymare?

I'm on my old laptop that burned a graphic card. I can't do shit with it. I mean, I remember I use to be able to at least surf the web on it, but now nothing. None of the browsers function properly.

Anyway, I still got this Xjournal app and I'm looking at Kightlinger's picture and whoa! I wonder why she never established a snapchat as popular as some of the subscriptions I currently watch.

I mean, she's a comedian. Comedienne. She acts. She totally could've pulled off a sunny mabrey. Plus, she has black hair. That's gotta be a plus.
Tags: #whoa

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