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Siri sounds sexy

I'm listening to a new EP. I don't quite have the song titles memorized, less so the lyrics. Pull up my phone and "Hey Siri!"

SIRI comes to the line with her usual beep tone, indicating that she is listening for whatever questions I might have for her.

There aren't too many women that I know who enjoy HEAVY METAL music. It seems the world has been hi-jacked to listen to Alt Rock, pop rock, rap, etc. But HEAVY METAL... Gawd forbid.

The current song that's playing is SS3 by SLAYER. I ask her "What song is playing?"

SHE replies "Let me listen"

I muffle any sounds from me. Heavy breathing, weezing. She comes back after a few bars and boom! "I think that is 'SS3' by SLAYER." How sexy can you get? How lonely a world where there's hard even to find a librarian who can answer a question like that so quickly.
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