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Surprisingly, today at 2:30pm I took a walk outside and saw a skywriter. Of course I didn't manage to see completely what it had written in the sky, but I do recall seeing a happy face (smiley face) and a heart symbol. The heart shape was obviously the first glyph the plane had obviously etched out against the bue sky. It was slightly faded so I'm not 100% sure that it was a symbol of love. The smiley face was more obvious, but then I saw that the plane had made an attempt to divide (separate) the two shapes with a 'V', or a an upside down European #1.

If you've been to Europe, maybe you've noticed the funny ways the store fronts label the prices on their merchandise. It's almost hard to tell whether they want $27 for something, or $21 for it because their ones look like the shape of an A without the cross hash.

I guess today's skywriter was simply practising his writing skills. I enjoyed watching the sky and trying to make sense of the smiley loves who? riddle. I always think of the song Yellow Butterfly by the Scorpions because the last album I bought was Eye to eye and in that CD there's a song with lyrics containing the word skywriter. I think that may even be the title of the song [Skywriter] but I'm not sure.

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