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Missed encounter

Yesterday, while stopped at a red light, I saw a lady cross the street.

She had a beverage in her hand which looked a lot like coffee. I’ve been to Stories for their coffee and since that was the general direction she’d come from, I figured she had been there and not any of the other cafes in the vicinity. This particular lady had a certain look, which I can only describe as the kind of woman my heart skips a beat for: big boobs, height about 5’6”, brown hair gone blonde by either too much highlights or premature graying, crooked nose. The odd thing, which makes this short story worth writing about is the ex-gf encounter I’d previously witnessed from December. While walking my dog, our paths crossed. It was a Friday, 4 o’clockish, and I had cut thru the alley taking me thru Stories’ back entrance. I’m pretty good with faces and my ex and I had been together for a significant amount of time a few years back, nothing like the gap between the obsession I have over the big booby lady this last Tuesday. Nothing had been spoken between me and the ex. Maybe she really did have a call on her cell. Actually, as she turned away to focus on her call, I had paused in my tracks convinced it was her, but it dawned on me that I better leave laying dogs lay. I continued on my walk without even a “hello. Don’t I know you?”

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