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That songmeanings domain and radiohead's "Let Down"

I typed the lyrics to LET DOWN the other day. I like the melody of this tune, and although my vinyl copy of OK Computer has created an obstacle for when I want to listen to this digitally, I find myself struggling to whistle the melody in my head (when feeling the way the lyrics suggest emotionally). While driving to work, I could only recall bits and pieces of the lyrics which I knew if I could recall them, I'd be able to enjoy the melody if only in my head.

It was then that I started pondering how the lyrics might have a double meaning: "let down and hanging around" for the transgender community. One of my fears, being single, is mingling with other single people and encountering a transgender woman who would most definitely be a let down. Curious about this, I visited songmeanings dot com and began to read the comments people left regarding this song. The LP was released in around 1997 and I just barely picked it up this year.

What caught my attention about this song was the line "Crushed like a bug in the ground" because, you know that crunchy sound when you see a fly on the ground spinning aimlessly trying to achieve liftoff but really it's on it's last legs and if you tap it with your foot ever so gently, the sound it makes wrecks one's sense of solace? I mean, instead of satisfaction from eliminating a pesky fly, a certain consciousness or awareness of our own mortality becomes distorted. I'm also trying to write a story in which a fly is one of the characters, so... I love this song.

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