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Bier de Stone

Mo bile

Updates to my blog have become a chore.

When I switched from formatting my entries as movie scenes to attempts at producing movie sequences, updating has just become one big headache. It goes without saying that using the mobile app isn’t ideal for the way I prefer to express myself. This may change.

The typewriter I use at work seems fully functional. And there is a scanning feature when using Dropbox that allows me to transform photos of typed manuscript with more contrast, making it scanner quality. The typewriter at work may not require so much of that as the manual typewriter I use at home which seems to always have a fading ink ribbon.

Next on the to do list will be figuring out whether preceding my lj tags with a pound sign might qualify them for twitter searches. This is so doubtful. And it really isn’t the way to increase readership. I dunno how other bloggers do it. Whenever I read those “trending” lj blogs, I cannot see what readers see in them.

Yesterday I tried to get in the [writing] zone. I am trying to let my fingers flow over the keyboard hashing out content to attribute to a sequence, but I think it’s going to take awhile before I’ll be able to let the words flow the way they did when I was just rambling in script format. That short exercise served as a way to get me use to typing with screenplay margins and thinking in dialog/direction to get the concept on paper. Now with sequence writing, I’m just getting bored as I find myself sitting at the typewriter contemplating what to write.


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