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Steno pad notes

I can't explain the link between the natural fading of the color red to pink with antisemitic undertones.
The color of a sheet of red paper is faded where it was exposed to direct sunlight. Pink is the new hue.
The blood stained pavement no longer contains the rich vibrant red it once possessed when it was freshly squeezed. Instead of fading, it becomes a darker tint of red.
If the age of consent in El Salvador is 18, but the age of consent in Mexico is 12, and a 16 year old American male (of Mexican descent) has a relationship with an 18 year old American female (of Salvadoran descent), is sexuality a taboo?
Is it considered paranoia to feel like one is being watched by flies?
Is a person homophobic and/or narcissistic if his taste in partners limits his sexuality to females with characteristics similar to his first love?
God fearing people who interpret reincarnation as coming back as an insect or a lesser being than a human cannot fathom the depth of a typical love story between two flies.
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