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For Circuit City staff, good pay is a bad thing ⁋ by AG §c1, How Zell's offer for Tribune might work ⁋ by Thomas Mulligan §c1

When I printed the screenplay for T40YOV, I wasn't surprised to note that the main setting for most of the dialog was to take place at Circuit City. Oh, and Paula, the store manager, was originally supposed to be a dude named Paul. Having read the news about the layoffs of 3,400 employees, I wonder sometimes whether the original screenwriter might not have had it in for CC from the start. Consider the situations in which Andy is a lowly stock clerk, but in the end, after many years of being a lowly stock clerk, he gets promoted to floor manager. That's a lot of money, and yet he quits his job because he meets this wonderful woman who is an eBay freak and she helps him make his first million. They marry and he probably ends up opening his own electronics store. Maybe we should stay tuned for the sequel.
    I can't tell you how many times I've been aggravated by unhelpful services such as Citibank. I've gotten names of the unhelpful pricks who seemed hell bent in making the customer feel like he's in the wrong. Next time you're on the telephone with Citibank, notice how a disagreement could lead to the agent handling the call to fall back on a 'problem' customer script and refuse to hang up (terminate) the call under good pretense that the banking institution could NOT solve the customer's problem. Instead, agents seem to be effectively button pushing to create hostility in their customers so that the agents can justify hanging up on the caller because of crude language being used. In other words, Citibank will hang up on a person (after they're so angry that word like mother-fucker start flying around). Fabio (employee ID: cru285) was one of the most unhelpful people I've ever had to deal with in my life. I promised him I would send my dissatisfaction to the chairperson Charles Prince at 1 Court Sq, 42 floor, Long Island City, NY 11120. I'm still working on that complaint letter, but nothing would bring me more pleasure than to see a movie like T40YOV made, with similar innuendos that Supersize me and Fast food nation had to make Americans think twice about eating burgers.
    Isn't it about time people also learn what a rip off Citibank services provide? One only has to walk into a Washington Mutual to see the difference in the manner in which Citibank treats their customers. It's been years since I've stepped into the city of Glnd too to do my shopping. That's a long story. Although I'm at the disadvantage because Fabio took down all my information and refused to give his proper name, I never forget.
    This type of thing reminds me when the Tribune bought out Times, then tried to make cutbacks. Now Tribune is going under and I smell the sweet scent of revenge in the air.
⁋ 3/29/7
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