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Instr: How to mesh my typewriter with the publishing world

I can see nobody wants to deal with hard copy anymore. If and when I get bored doing this, I think I'll create a project to seek out business who still accept good ol' fashion letter format correspondence. Yeah, it's a lot easier to e-mail somebody. Yeah, typewriters are for psychos. But I'm the kind of guy who double spaces after a period, and when I see that HTML ignores my keystrokes, when I see that Microsoft delivers a killer snafu on the subject of utilizing the ruler guide on their word processing platforms; when they skew the hard copy by .25", etc. It's all one big headache I never dealt with when using a typewriter.

I dealt with how to find a quick and easy way to type up a hundred cover-letters for my résume to all the want-ads in the Sunday Edition of the local newspaper.

Fuck that, you say. You would much rather deal with an unaccounted for, MIA, quarter of an inch of empty space that you probably will have a real need for anyways.

Reading my blog off of a digital monitor will cause just as much harm to your eyes as reading my blog scans of typewritten entries scanned into the computer in .jpg format… on a digital monitor. And I want to get my head straight so I don't forget how to code my manuscripts together with graphic images. It can be a headache and that's why I've stickied an illustration from earlier this year. I will use it as a quick reference source for when I decide to do another one. Hell, I can see myself updating this blog regularly again, with multi pages of typed up stories and stuff. It would get tedious. I can see that. All the scanning, resizing, math. Ugh. I can't wait until it becomes a problem reading old entries with the bright digital monitors because, say, Mozilla decides to change the way HTML works.

And they call this e-publishing. More like a quick tip on how to burn books by crashing one's blog site.
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