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Reflections on the work force

Even before college, when I took that typing class and learned to type on an IBM selectric, I had taught myself how to type on a manual typewriter. The first thing I noticed was the difference in key positions for special characters. Then later, because I still use my manual typewriter, I notice the difference in quality of imprint on a piece of bond paper typed on an IBM selectric compared to the manual typewriter I use: Royal Quiet de Luxe circa 1950's. I really like the braille effect the manual typewriter leaves on the back of the paper when I use the portable manual typewriter!

I was lucky after college and found a stable job as a clerk typist. Later, my job title was renamed to administrative clerk.  Exciting times. I've always linked that word with computer administrative tasks because one of the learning curves in having hobbies involving blogs is having the ability to change administrative settings on the computer one owns. But even before the change in job titles happened, I considered attempting making changes to my keyboard format; not because of language, but because I wanted a keyboard identical to the key positions of my manual typewriter I use.

It would've been nice to achieve this at work, but of course, I'm not the only person sharing the staff computer terminals and it wouldn't be fair to my co-workers to be changing the placement of the quotation keys and such. I simply wanted to make these changes on my personal computers. The obstacles I encountered after googling help in this was simply that I needed to purchase a 3rd party application to download, but even then, most of the apps I found on line for this purpose were not compatible with my old clunker computer.  I just think, since everyone else is griping about their working conditions involving scenarios like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, etc., I too should rant about the lame job title change my employer makes which instills a sense of entitlement to be able to hack my way thru the work computers and adjust the keyboard to accommodate my ergonomic preferences.

Let me know what you think.

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