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Probably waiting for a disaster to happen

Woke up with a feeling of indigestion. Couldn't event find it in me to drink my morning coffee. So now I'm having one of those atypical Mondays where the blues seeps out of every crevice of my body. My eyes, sad. And I'm hungry.
Last week I started to read some article somewhere. It was mostly movie related and I recognized some nobody actress who I recall having an infatuation, trying to watch anything and everything she's ever been in, but of course, I was disappointed when I end up sitting thru a dud.
Anyhow, I couldn't remember her name yesterday while I was huddled behind the AC unit couch potato in all day. And eating junk food. I thought I might be able to remember who this actress person was when I came back to work, but after perusing the LA Weekly, Friday & Saturday's LA Times, nothing. So I am under a black cloud.
Really don't feel like being at work today.

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