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These glasses make me feel like I can't sere. It reminds me about how my vision has deteriorated,.. as a result of so much computer use, no doubt. I remember when I didn't find it so hard to see close-up with my distance glasses. Now, I need bi-focals.

Aaron POV, facing the TV, where porn is quietly playing in background, appears blurred when he puts on his glasses, but when he pans over to the table beside him, the focus of his eyes seem somewhat clearer — like when the optometrist at your eye exams asks if your vision is clearer with one lense, or clearer with the other as he flips the phoropter (refractor machine) lens back and forth.

The TV cuts to an emergency newsflash.


The Parliament in London is under shutdown. Two are dead, not to mention the law enforcement officer and the sustected terrorist.

Aaron is glued to the set.

The attack which officials are saying is terrorist related claim they are searching for other possible suspects

Another special report cuts into the previous special report about the London incident which has shut down parliament.
Reporter 2

We are interupting this report to bring live footage of a statement from Devin Nunez.


We can't discard that it is a possibility that the wiretap allegations may be true


Guess who died… Chuck Barris


What? No shit. First Chuck Berry, Now Chuck Barris. Hey, do you think he was assassinated?


Yeah, right? The FBI investigating the wiretapping acc usations President Trump is making against Obama.

Better not say too much. Isn't that a Samsung TV?


Fu… udge. That explains how Bier's demise was orchestrated

They both look at the TV. We zoom into the TV close enough to see the pixels. When we zoom out again, we see a different setting against the backdrop of the compound eye of a butterfly.
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