Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Office depot is a cesspool

Paid between $30-40 for a desk lamp at office depot. Just last week, the light bulb blew out. Did a quick search on line at the retailers web site and found nothing. Called retailer and they suggested taking the lamp to Home Depot and asking them for a replacement bulb. Did that. Zero results. Went back on line and visited lamp manufacturer site. Did a search for the replacement bulb. Zero results. I spent the whole morning fucking around online for this light bulb and finally found some merchants that carry it. The bulb itself will run me $20-26.

Considering the lamp only emits 9 watts of light, I thought it would be an energy saver to continue using it if I could find replacement bulbs. I was thinking a bulb like the one this lamp requires shouldn't cost more than $10. And I'm determined to find it for no more than $5, unless they come in packages where I'd be paying 10-20 for a multi pack of 3 or 4 bulbs. I have to say that the lamp didn't last all that long with the original bulb in the first place. $20 is outrageous for a bulb that is so hard to find. I'm trashing this desk lamp and making a new years resolution to NOT buy a replacement desk lamp bulb. I'm so angry about throwing away the original $30 for a crappy Office Depot lamp that I'm going to do without light and live in darkness where this lamp originally was being used.

Gawd, I wish I could castrate the imbeciles responsible for stocking their merchandise with disposable $30 desk lamps. Maybe castration is too harsh. I'll take an eyeball, an index finger, fingernails, or inserting an arrow thru one ear and out the other ear so that it would be obvious to shoppers that a store which is managed by these opportunistic morons is a cesspool.


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